Mountain Biking

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Spring, Summer, and Fall Biking Fun!

Members, teams, and  local clubs use the 60-acre plus area for mountain biking. Ski slopes and cross country ski trails add up to fat tire fun in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Single track, screaming downhills with lots of terrain, Straight ups and downs, and big double track climbs challenge even the best riders. The east pines provide kids and the more novice riders with a series of trails through pine forests that are relatively flat but very fun to cruise on.


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Registration for the 2016 Kids Mountain Biking Program is now open.

To download a PDF on the Kids Mtn Biking Program  click here 2016_Mtn Biking Info

For more general information about Mtn Biking and trails, please contact via email:

Watch some fun single track and downhill from the trails at Blackhawk

  • New Mtn Bike Trail Map April 2016
    Dan Osborne // April 12, 2016

    Here is the updated Blackhawk Mtn Bike trail map. New changes will be added to the map as trail construction continues. Trail map April 12 2016 2

  • 2016 Kids Mtn biking Registration Now Open!
    Dan Osborne // April 4, 2016

    This program is geared towards children ages 6 or older, including those who have little or no experience off road biking. Through instruction and level progression, we will work with the children to become more comfortable and confident on their bicycle in an off road setting. This lesson program is designed for children (ages 6 or older) who have their own bicycle and bike helmet. T...

  • Mtn Bike Trails Are Now Open For The Season
    Dan Osborne // December 21, 2015

    Mtn bike trails are now open for the season! For current trail conditions go to This site should be used as a guide when using the trails. Regardless, please do not ride on the trails if they're wet. The best test is to see if your tire is leaving a tread mark--if it is, the trail is too wet and you should not be riding. If you're interested in staying connected about ...