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Don’t miss the BASH on September 24 (11:00 AM – 3:30 PM) – The Blackhawk BASH is a day filled with outdoor activities, food, fun and friendship.

  • Check out how Blackhawk is able to host a ski jumping exhibition when the temps are in the 80’s!
  • Have your kiddos wear their running shoes and participate in a Kids XC Fun Run and/or bring their bikes and let them check out our awesome trails!
  • Bring equipment you can no longer use to be sold at our Equipment Swap. Who knows what you might find to replace it!

There will also be a bouncy house, vendors, food carts, an information table and so much more!

September 25 (7:00 PM) — New Member Registration Begins

  • If you are interested in a Full Facility – Family membership, don’t miss this opportunity. Make sure to hop online on Monday, September 25th to register!
  • Check out the Registration page for details on how to register.


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