Hill Conditions

Last updated by Dan Osborne on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 11:43 am

Warm weather is expected for the rest of the week.

Slope Status Snow Depth Grooming
1 Open Bunny tow(0) is also running. 12-36″ Groomed  All downhills are Pisten Bully groomed after the most recent ice storm. Conditions are spring-like corn snow and will probably remain that way until later next week when temps hopefully drop.
2 Open  12-36″  Groomed
3,3.75,and Trees  Closed  Snowmaking
4  Open 12-24″  Groomed
5 Open 12-36″  Groomed
6  Open  12″- 25′


XC Ski Trails Status Snow Depth Grooming Conditions Comments
East side pine trails Open Poor Coverage  Ice


 The rain really did a number on the pines.  The dusting of snow helped a little-

Poor condition- Very Icy

Creek trail/Siberian HWY  Open  12-48″  Groomed Excellent coverage on Siberian Loop.  Please ski the Siberian Loop in a Counter Clockwise direction. Creek Trail is no-go. The loop has been Pisten Bully groomed after the ice storm. Conditions are spring – like with soft corn snow. Expect these conditions  to continue until colder temps move in later next week. We will continue to groom when the weather allows.


Erdman Ski Trail Open  Pretty thin  Groomed   Need some snow! Icy
Pleasant view golf course
Pope Farm



West Side hill conditions phone is temporarily disconnected for chalet construction.