Hill Conditions

Last updated by Dan Osborne on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 11:58 am


Slope Status Snow Depth Grooming
1 OPEN  12-24 Pisten Bully Groomed  Bunny Hill and Tow  open
2 OPEN  12-24  Pisten Bully Groomed  Terrain Park Open
3,3.75,and Trees  Open  Pisten Bully Groomed
4  Open  Pisten Bully Groomed
5  Open  12-36  Pisten Bully Groomed
6  Open 12-36


 Pisten Bully Groomed
XC Ski Trails Status Snow Depth Grooming Conditions Comments
East side pine trails Open
 Good Coverage
 Groomed  Track Set
Creek trail/Siberian HWY  Open  12″  Siberian HWY  XC Loop is Open! Pisten Bully Groomed  Pisten bully Groomed   Siberian Loop runs From Biathlon Penalty loop, east towards the pond and turns back west at the bottom of hill #5(The old Siberian HWY)
Pleasant View connector-Erdman Trail  Open   Groomed and in Good condition  Groomed  New Snow! Groomed and Track Set.
Pleasant view golf course  Open  Groomed
Pope Farm  Open  Good Condition
 Classic Track Set.



Call if you are unsure about the conditions: 831-8460