Blackhawk Nordic Ski Team (BNST)
December 3, 2016  

Blackhawk Nordic Ski Team (BNST) provides racing opportunities, coaching and support for high school and middle school Nordic (i.e. cross-country) skiers in the Greater Madison area. Our goals are to prepare athletes to perform their best, to foster a positive team ethic and to cultivate life-long interest in Nordic skiing. BNST includes skiers of all abilities on the high school ...

Nordic Kids
August 30, 2016  

The Nordic (Cross Country, or XC) Kids program is for elementary school students, grades K-5, of all abilities. Skiers focus on learning to ski while having fun.

Participants can use Blackhawk boots, skis and poles for this program. Parents are required to volunteer and be on Blackhawk premises during program.

Outreach Program
July 17, 2012  

Blackhawk's Outreach Program provides at-risk kids with an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in winter when they would otherwise be pent up inside. The participants, children ages six to 12, come from the Madison School and Community Recreation after school program.

Volunteers from Blackhawk Ski Club and Madison Nordic Ski Club teach the kids how to cross country ski. All kids now have ...

Mountain Biking
July 17, 2012  

Blackhawk members, teams, and local clubs use Blackhawk's 60-acre campus for mountain biking! Ski slopes and cross country ski trails add up to fat tire fun in the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Programs include time trials and racing. Single track, screaming downhills with lots of terrain, Straight ups and downs, and big double track climbs challenge even the best riders. The east ...

July 17, 2012  

Winter biathlon combines cross country skiing and target shooting. Participants in Blackhawk's biathlon programs include novices with no prior experience, and also experienced biathletes looking for a place to practice and race.

The Blackhawk biathlon area has a lighted 10pt shooting area that is connected to a Nordic trail system complete with a large loop of manmade...

Ski Jumping
June 17, 2012  

Ski jumping is a year-round sport at Blackhawk! Our jumping facilities are some of the best in the nation. Blackhawk was the first ski jumping club in the Western hemisphere to successfully install plastic mats for year-round training. All of Blackhawk’s ski jumps have plastic mats and steel track for training in the non-snow months.

Ski jumps are designed for the jumper...

Alpine Racing
June 15, 2012  

The Blackhawk Alpine Race Team (BART) is an introduction to alpine ski racing with 3 levels:
BART Development: for 10 year old and under skiers who have an interest in alpine (downhill) ski racing.
BART: an alpine (downhill) ski race team.

Alpine Ski School
June 13, 2012  

The Alpine Ski School for Children, also called our Flight Programs, is comprised of four levels of ski instruction for children:
Pre-Flight: Very young (aged 4-6) first time skiers.
First Flight / Second Flight: Provide group instruction to children who can turn or stop, or kids (ages 6 or older) with no skiing experience.
X-Ploration Te...

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