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Combining Cross Country Skiing and Target Shooting

The biathlon program at Blackhawk Ski Club gives club members the opportunity to participate in winter biathlon which combines cross country skiing and target shooting. Participants in the past have included novices with no prior experience to experienced biathletes looking for a place to practice and race.

The Blackhawk biathlon area is open to members that are participating in club practices, involved in an introduction to biathlon program or have previous biathlon experience. Blackhawk has a lighted 10pt shooting area that is connected to a Nordic trail system complete with a large loop of man-made snow. Our snow making capabilities along with area lighting makes Blackhawk a great place to train and compete regardless of weather conditions.  Club members interested in use of the 50 meter shooting area need prior biathlon safety certification or be involved in an organized club biathlon activity. The biathlon area also includes a set up for air rifles at a shooting distance of 10 meters. During the year the opportunity to learn about and participate in biathlon will available to Blackhawk members including those enrolled in the Middle School and High School Nordic programs.

If you are interested in helping with the biathlon activities, construction and maintenance of the shooting area and trails, or you want to try biathlon, contact


All participants must be members of Blackhawk Ski Club and need to have previously completed a biathlon safety training program prior to use of the biathlon facilities and equipment. The one exception is involvement in an introduction to biathlon event at Blackhawk. The use of the Blackhawk biathlon area and equipment is restricted to biathlon practice and participants only. No free shooting or non-biathlon shooting is allowed.


Practice are usually on Wednesday evening from ~5-7 and Sunday from 2-4.  Please sign up to our google group email list for weekly announcements of practice schedule. Please check for updates. There will be a very limited number of club rifles at each practice if desired.  Club members that are serious about participating in biathlon should provide their own rifle and ammunition.

There is no open shooting.  A club range marshall must be present anytime the range is open.

Additional Biathlon races will be coordinated with Wisconsin Biathlon Club at


All events occur in the Blackhawk Ski Club biathlon area at the bottom of hill 3/4.  Enter the eastern driveway and go left down the hill.


A very limited number of air rifles and 22 caliber biathlon rifles, 10 meter targets for the air rifles, and nine 50 meter target are available for use by Blackhawk members at scheduled practices and competitions.


There is no separate fee to participate in Blackhawk biathlon. Everyone who practices with our club is required to be a Blackhawk Ski Club member.  A nominal fee of $10 per session will be collected from participants who need to use club rifles at practices to cover the costs of targets, ammunition and rifle maintenance. A $50 Annual or $10 daily Membership in US Biathlon is required to participate in races for insurance purposes.

For more information

For more information about these programs, please contact us via email.

Race schedule and results

The race schedule for 2015/16 is:

Cup #1 @ Blackhawk Sunday January 10th
Cup #2 @ McMiller Saturday January 16th
Cup #3 @ Blackhawk Sunday January 31st
Cup #4a @ McMiller Saturday Feb 13*
Cup #4b @Blackhawk Sunday Feb 14th*
Cup #5 @Blackhawk Sunday March 6th
*Cup #4 is a combined event with *
Novice events for those with no prior biathlon experience will occur at the February 13th and March 6th events. Watch for emails and notifications to register for these races about a week before the date.
Results for each race will be posted 1-2 days after the race on

Cup #3 results:

See this link for the race flier for the February 14th event at BH:  February 14, 2016 Biathlon BH EVENT WBC5 FLYER
And this one for the February 13th event at McMiller:  Feb 13 2016 Biathlon WBC4 Flyer
The February 13th event will be part of the USBA race series, a first for Wisconsin Biathlon!
Please support our race prize sponsor: out of Minneapolis.  Need new skis or poles?  Need your “A” skis ground to race for the season?  Visit or call Gear West!



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