Alpine Racing

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Blackhawk Alpine Race Team (BART)

This program is an introduction to alpine ski racing now with 2 levels: BART Development and BART. Skis, race helmets, leather gloves/mittens and ski poles are required for all BART levels. Parents must stay on Blackhawk grounds during all BART practices.

  • The BART Development Program is designed for 10 year old and under skiers who have an interest in alpine (downhill) ski racing. BART Development is the pre-cursor to the BART race team. Skiers will train on Hill #2, Hill #5 and Hill #6 and can compete in up to four local area ski races. Skiers must be able to independently use the ropes tows on all Blackhawk hills. Enrollment is limited for this program due to hill and coach capacity limits.
  • BART is an alpine (downhill) ski race team. Skiers will train on Hill #5 and Hill #6. Skiers are strongly encouraged to race in all four WIJARA races during the season. Skiers must be have coaches’ approval prior to enrollment. Team size is limited due to hill and coach capacity limits. Practices will begin in early December, weather permitting. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The program will run through early March depending upon conditions.
  • BART USSA is a program designed for young skiers who have an interest in alpine ski racing at both the WIJARA and USSA level. BART USSA is intended to be a program to bridge racers between WIJARA competition and higher level USSA regional competitions. Skiers will train at least 3 times per week and will compete in both WIJARA races and at least 1 USSA event as schedules permit.

Downloadable pdfs of the Alpine racing program

BART Program Description 2017-18

BART DEV Program Desc. 2017-18

BART USSA Program Description 2017-18 



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