Last updated on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 6:53 pm  

Middleton, WI

We are on a 60-acre site of rustic, unspoiled, forested recreation land only 3 miles west of Madison in the Town of Middleton, WI. We are located on Blackhawk Road about a mile and half west of Pleasant View Golf Course and the Blackhawk subdivision, and across the road from Pope Farm Park.

Two Entrances

We have two entrances on Blackhawk Road: the East Gate Entrance and the West Gate/Chalet Entrance. If you are heading west on Blackhawk Road and you see Twin Valley Road, you have gone too far. Blackhawk Ski Club is only a 10-minute drive from most locations on the west side of Madison. This is great on snowy winter days.

Street Address

Our street address recently changed. Our old address was 7500 Blackhawk Rd, and this address may still work for Google Maps and Mapquest. Our new street addresses are 10118 and 10222 Blackhawk Road — an address for each gate — but it may be a while before mapping software is updated.

Mailing Address

Send all mail to: P.O. Box 628094, Middleton WI, 53562-8094