Club FAQ

Last updated on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 1:07 pm  

More FAQs related to Membership are located on the Membership FAQ page.

Where is Blackhawk Ski Club located?
We are located at 7500 Blackhawk Road in Middleton Wisconsin, west of the Pleasant View Golf Course and the Blackhawk subdivision, and across the road from Pope Farm Park.
Who can use Blackhawk’s facilities? Can members bring a guest to ski at Blackhawk?
Unfortunately, for liability purposes only members are able to ski at Blackhawk. People who are not members are invited on to the property for events such as the Blackhawk Bash and ski jumping tournaments. Otherwise, you need to be a member to be on Blackhawk property.
Does Blackhawk rent alpine (downhill) ski equipment?
Unfortunately, for liability purposes Blackhawk does not rent alpine ski equipment.
Does Blackhawk rent cross country ski equipment?
No, but Blackhawk has a supply of cross country equipment for use in its youth programs.
Does Blackhawk have youth and adult ski lessons?
Yes, Blackhawk offers its members a variety of alpine and cross country ski, snowboard, and ski jumping programs geared towards youth. Private lessons are available for both youth and adults.
Does Blackhawk sell day passes?
Unfortunately, for liability purposes we are not able to sell day passes. Everyone needs to be a member of Blackhawk Ski Club.
Can children come alone or with another family?
Parents are responsible for their children. Skiers and bikers under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children may come to Blackhawk with another family as long as everyone is a Blackhawk member and children under 13 are supervised by an adult.
Is there a chalet, snack bar, bathrooms at Blackhawk?
Blackhawk has rustic chalets with fireplaces or woodstoves. Families bring their own snacks and water to drink. Kids enjoy roasting marshmallows and hotdogs in the fireplace. We have deluxe outhouses complete with lights and toilet paper.
What is alpine skiing?
Alpine skiing is downhill skiing.
What is Nordic skiing?
Nordic skiing is cross country skiing and ski jumping.